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Learn What it Means to Walk with Jesus!

When you come to Jesus, you lose everything to gain even more. You die so that you might be born again. It’s messy; you cannot experience the joy, happiness, and life of Jesus unless you give it everything. You can’t just give a little; you have to give it all. It’s all or nothing. It is a leap. It is a total devotion. But it’s also worth it.

With this book, you will begin to see a shift in your character. You will learn to walk through life with an open hand and open heart. You will learn to be honest, intentional, and not try to prove yourself to others because you are good enough in God’s eyes. But you can’t do it without Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

This is not a self-help manual. Instead, it’s an invitation to know Jesus and to allow him to be your rabbi. It’s an invitation to learn what it means to walk with Jesus as our teacher — not just the savior. He is both! We must trust that Jesus’ way is better and we can learn a lot from him. Let this book help you on your walk to becoming a happy and whole student of Jesus.

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