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The Hour of Power Choir will embark on an 8-day international performance tour to Holland this summer. We are kicking off this incredible initiative with a fundraising campaign to help our singers spread the Gospel through song. It’s been almost ten years since the choir toured internationally, and we are asking for your support to assist us with our mission trip.

Our goal is to raise $45,000. Your tax-deductible gift will help pay for the Hour of Power Choir to fly to Amsterdam, help pay for accommodations, and meals.

We thank you for your gracious support and prayers as we prepare for this great opportunity to praise and glorify God for His Faithfulness and love. May you experience God’s richest blessing!

Sponsorship Levels

Piano: $125
Help our singers  pay for 1 day of tour.

Mezzo Piano: $500
Sponsor 4 of 8 days of our Holland trip for one singer.

Mezzo Forte: $1,000
Sponsor 8 days (trip in full).

Forte: $1,500
Sponsor 12 days (trip in full, plus four days for another singer).

Fortissimo: $2,000
Sponsor 16 days (2 singers in full)