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We Believe in YOU!

Thank you for your prayers and support of Hour of Power. We are so grateful to you for being a source of constant strength and hope, even in challenging times. By supporting us with your gifts and prayers, you have expanded the Kingdom of God and been part of countless stories of redemption and freedom!

Since YOU are our Hour of Power family, your opinion is vitally important to us. In an effort to connect with you, I invite you to take part in our 2022 broadcast survey, which is printed on the response slip included with this mailing. Your response will enable us to better reach and serve you and your family in the coming year. For your time and a generous gift of any amount, I will send you a Creed of the Beloved magnet. As you use it or share it, I pray it will be a source of encouragement and a constant reminder that you are God’s beloved!

We’re grateful for your help. God loves you and so do we!