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SPARROW PARTNERSHIP: Sparrows Remind Us We Have a Unique Song in Our Hearts …

In the Bible, God uses the commonness of the sparrow to demonstrate the magnitude of the unique worth, value, and significance we have in His Kingdom — and in the world. When we hear birds chirping melodiously in the spring, the music of our feathered friends lets us know that all is right in the world. Sparrows have a ritual known as “social singing” in which they call to each other from nearby shrubbery. While they are small compared to most other creatures, when they join forces and form a flock, their voice gets louder and their influence is multiplied. And so it is in the Body of Christ. 

This is the essence of Sparrow Partnership…


For your monthly gift of just $20 or one-time gift of $240, we’ll welcome you to our Sparrow Partner family by sending you this special gift: 

  • SPARROW BELL CHIME —  In honor of our 2023 Sparrow Partners, this specially designed and hand-painted Sparrow Bell Chime plays a gentle sound when met with soft breezes. Made of elegant and sturdy ceramic, the chime is embossed with a floral design and a peaceful sparrow perched on top — complete with a rope hanger for easy placement. I hope this gift reminds you of God’s love and the unique song you bring to the world every time it chimes!  


The Sparrow Bell Chime measures 5” x 5” x 8.7” and is made of ceramic. Rope hanger is made of hemp.