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Building Our Future on the Fullness of God! 

In a tumultuous year, as tempests have assailed our world from every side, unsettling circumstances have tempted us to surrender our hope. Nevertheless, because we serve a Savior who promises to right every wrong and redeem every pain, we can embrace BOLD FAITH and press on. As we anchor our hearts in His love, He strengthens our minds, comforts our spirits, and empowers us to give thanks, even in hard times.

Hope is the message of the Gospel, and it’s why Hour of Power has been unwaveringly devoted to proclaiming it — all around the globe — for 50 years! The Lord has blessed us immeasurably in our first half century, and our hearts are filled with gratitude as we consider what’s yet to come. In fact, this month’s special offers are our way of saying thanks, and we hope they’ll empower you to live every day with a BOLD FAITH that embraces eternity…

November Special Offers:

For your generous donation of $20 or more, we’ll send you our brand new 2021 wall calendar — BOLD FAITH: Building Our Future on the Fullness of God. This beautiful 11 x 11 inch layout will enliven any wall and features:

  1. Stunning photos of nature to complement each month of the year.
  2. 13 corresponding attributes of God to shift your focus to the fullness and sufficiency of who HE is.
  3. Encouraging Scripture verses, printed in large typeface and overlaid on every picture, to empower you to meditate on His Word.

For your generous donation of $65 or more, we’ll send you the 2021 wall calendar AND the “In All Things Give Thanks” gratitude jar. Designed to encourage you to capture life’s daily blessings, this special keepsake features:

  1. A uniquely-shaped glass jar adorned with bright orange, pink, and yellow flowers and imprinted with the phrase “Today, I’m grateful for…”.
  2. 365 matching cards featuring the prompt “Today, I’m grateful for…” on one side and encouraging Bible verses on the other. Use them to record your joyful experiences, answered prayers, and tender memories.
  3. A bamboo lid that can be removedenabling you to collect and keep cards in the jar and review them whenever you need to be reminded of God’s amazing faithfulness to you.

(Calendar measures 11” x 11.” Jar measures 6.7” x 4.8” x 4.8” and is glass with a bamboo lid and natural fiber loop.)