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You are the Branch…

As we move into the holiday season and look forward to the new year, we are wise to begin thinking about all the possibilities 2022 brings. A brand new year can be exciting and full of opportunities, but can also be quite daunting for some. That’s why Jesus reminds us in John 15 that He is the vine, and we are the branches. It says, “If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” Just like the vine and the branch, we are able to completely and fully depend on Jesus.

As a reminder that Jesus is the true vine and that we must be rooted in Him, we’re enthused to reveal our wonderful gifts for this season…

November Special Offer:

With your generous gift of $20 or more, we’ll send you our brand new 2022 In the Grove Wall Calendar, custom-designed with YOU in mind and features:

  1. A beautiful 11 x 11 layout designed to brighten any wall.
  2. Magnificent pictures of trees and groves around the world serve as a monthly and daily reminder of God’s creation and how we can be rooted in Him.
  3. Encouraging Scripture verses, printed on every picture, to empower you to meditate on His Word.

With your generous gift of $65 or more we’ll send you the 2022 wall calendar AND the You are the Branch Necklace that features:

  1. A sterling silver, delicate tree branch charm adorned with leaves on either side of the branch and three beautiful cubic zirconia stones.
  2. A beautiful, delicate sparkling chain of sterling silver that hangs 16 inches from the neck and can extend to 18 inches.
  3. A depth of meaning that’s sure to spark comfort in the knowledge that He is the vine and you are the branch; that you and Jesus are so connected.