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Sparrow Partners Help Us Proclaim God’s Love Song to the World! 

Reaching this 50th year of Hour of Power has only been made possible by your friendship and prayers over the past five decades. Whether giving when we’ve had little or giving when we’ve had lots, you have been a constant source of strength and support. In fact, we have only prevailed because of your love!

Since we believe that from the bottom of our hearts, we invite you to join us this year as a Sparrow Partner by committing to a monthly donation of just $20 a month, which will enable us to expand our global ministry and reach more people with the joy and freedom of Jesus Christ. No gift in the Kingdom of Heaven is insignificant because we serve the God who treasures the great, the small, and everything in between. He multiplies through our willingness to share what we have and does more than we can ask or imagine in the outcome.

There has never been a better time than right now to support the life-giving, life-transforming work of Hour of Power because our friends around the globe need to know that Jesus sees and loves them. The world is full of division and strife and it’s harder than ever for people to embrace the special treasure they have inside.

Together, you and I can help them unearth it….

Sparrow Partnership

With a generous monthly donation of $20 or a one-time gift of $240, we’ll send you this beautiful figurine featuring two sparrows in a nest with a removable cross that can sit or be hung on the wall separately. The cross is inscribed with the phrase “His eye is on the sparrow,” and we pray it will remind you of how much you are treasured, both by God and by us.

Nest Size: 2”H x 2”W x 4”L
Cross Size: 7.7”H x 4.5”W
Cross & Nest: 8.2”H