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Every week hour of power is sending the joy and love of Jesus all around the world. Hannah and I pray that this program has been a blessing to you and your family and we hope that these teachings deepen and enrich your walk with God. In fact, since we’re so passionate about inspiring you to grow deep roots we invite you to sign up for our daily devotionals. We deliver them right to your inbox each and every morning, and our prayer is that they provide an infusion of encouragement, positive faith, and so many other wonderful things as you start your day. Our desire is for you to experience Jesus in a way that inspires you to become a blessing to those around you.

If our outreach has impacted your life would you help us spread the Good News so it can do the same for others? When you uphold Hour of Power financially you are sharing the healing love of Christ with those in need. Your generosity is meeting people in their darkest moments and bringing the light of Jesus to broken and hurting hearts. As you pour into our ministry, you are changing the world one soul at a time. For this reason, we’re asking you to consider giving your best gift. We believe that partnering with the Lord has great rewards and we’re honored to be building His Kingdom with you. We’re so thankful for your life, your story, and your faithful support.

Remember as always… God loves you, and so do we.