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Discover your true identity!

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Live the joy-filled life God intends for you!

You are beloved by God!

This message of His overwhelming love for you changes everything.

It means that being an apprentice of Jesus isn’t about trying harder to follow the rules, but about aligning your heart with what God has already spoken over you: His word of love.

This life-changing message of your true identity in Christ is the destiny-shaping subject of Pastor Bobby Schuller’s brand-new, extraordinary book, You Are Beloved.

In its pages, you will:

  1. Learn that you don’t need to be perfect to please God.
  2. Receive practical guidance on embracing the radical truth of the words of the Creed of the Beloved we recite together each week on Hour of Power.
  3. Step into your true identity in Christ — This changes everything!

Jesus shows us what our Heavenly Father is really like … and Jesus spent His time with the outcasts — the “sinners,” as the religious leaders of His day called them.

Jesus ascribed dignity to people, no matter what their social standing. He loved them, not as they should have been, but as they were. He called them His beloved.

You belong to Jesus. He gives you dignity, no matter what you have, what you do, or what others think of you.

Building your life on what you do, what you have, or what others say about you will lead to ruin — but building your life on the character and love of God in Christ Jesus will lead to serenity, and salvation!

Discover all this and more …
Step into a new depth of God’s love and
a new way of seeing yourself and your future —
discover the truth that You Are Beloved!

Special Presale offer ends May 28

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“You Are Beloved is far more than a book. Frankly, this is THE message that transformed my life personally … that God has given us to take to the world together … and it will speak to the deepest need of your own heart: to connect deeply with God and others!” —Bobby

Look inside You Are Beloved and you will see

The critical message that because God deeply loves and values you, He wants to energize your life through connecting deeply with Him and with other believers! You Are Beloved will help you tap into the godly energy, joy, life, and power found in the Kingdom of God.Learn the truths:

  1. That you are seen and deeply loved
  2. What dignity you really have, and who it comes from
  3. That God’s love is the antidote for shame
  4. About how to become emotionally alive
  5. And more!

Chapter 1 The Creed of the Beloved
“I’m not what I do. I’m not what I have. I’m not what people say about me. I am the beloved of God. It’s who I am. No one can take it from me. I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to hurry. I can trust my friend Jesus and share his love with the world.”

Chapter 2 You Matter to Others, and They Matter to You
Discover the joy of Christian fellowship

Chapters 3-5 You’re Not What You Do
But you will do great things!

Chapters 6-7 You’re Not What You Have
But gratitude will give you more!

Chapters 8-9 You’re Not What Others Say About You
So you can be vulnerable

Chapters 10-11 You Don’t Have to Worry
Letting stress go 

Chapter 12 You Don’t Have to Hurry
Relax in your beloved Savior

Chapter 13 You Can Trust Your Friend Jesus
He will carry you

Chapter 14 Share His Love with the World — Joy

If you’re ready to begin living your true identity as the beloved of Christ — Request You Are Beloved today!

Special Pre-Sale Offer Ends Midnight May 28:

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